Transformative Climate Communities (TCC)

Chinatown TCC Projects

  • The Monarch #1

  • Urban Greening #1

    • Streetlights on F Street from Fresno Street to Ventura Street

    • Tree Planting on F Street from
      Fresno Street to Mariposa Street

    • Green Alley improvements in
      China Alley between Kern Street
      and Inyo Street

      • Pervious pavement

      • Lighting

      • Planters

  • Urban Greening #6

    • F Street, Kern Street, and Mariposa Street

      • Street Trees

      • Street Lighting improvements

      • curb ramp and bulb out construction

      • Repair to sidewalk as necessary

    • Improvements in China Alley from Tulare to Kern and Inyo to Ventura

      • Pervious pavement

      • Lighting

      • Planters

    • More details

  • PBID #19

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