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Purpose and Goals

The Chinatown property and business owners have formed the Chinatown Fresno Foundation with the purpose to “foster civic pride and enhance the quality of life by generating additional sources of funds to support the improvement of the social, physical, and cultural environment of Historic Chinatown Fresno within the meaning of 501(c)(3).”


In conjunction with the Chinatown Fresno Partnership, the operating goals are:

  • Develop a strong unified voice: Unite property and business owners to reverse neglect from the City of Fresno, local organizations and foundations that has been going on for years.

  • Create a vibrant and inclusive live-work-play environment: Improve the business environment, expand housing opportunities and create events and activities.

  • Provide business development and marketing services: Create programs that improve business opportunities, draw customers, and position the district as a restaurant and retail destination.

  • Friends of Chinatown: Collaborate with community organizations, City of Fresno departments and interested people to expand services and create a safe environment in the district.

  • Manage TCC and other major projects: TCC monies projected to come to Chinatown include a housing project and a Complete Streets project, both of which will have a neighborhood input component. Other major projects include TCC PBID funding and efforts to protect the historic built environment.

The vibrant and inclusive live-work-play environment of old Chinatown.

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