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You've reached our hidden design notes page Before you navigate back to the real website (click the logo above), where is this in Chinatown???

Only these colors

Yellow hex ffcc33   rgb 255,204,51

red hex cc0033    rgb 204,0,51

teal hex 006666     rgb 0,102,102

apple hex cccc66     rgb 204,204,102

black hex 000000    

background hex f1f4ed


Font Notes

Don't use Lord Juusai Rises for anything. That's the logo font, but some of the letters have been nodified for readability.

I'd say Arial and Arial Black quite a bit. Use Georgia as needed. Let the colors and shapes add the design interest.

Text Notes

Write up text prior to adding to website.

Design Notes

ALWAYS USE                                            NEVER USE

  • Chinatown Fresno                                              China Town or ChinaTown or Fresno Chinatown

  • Chinatown Fresno Foundation or CFF

  • #Chinatown #Fresno #Foundation (in that order)                  

  •                                                                            one word on a line (called a "widow")

  •                                                                           graphics that haven't been approved

  • Chinatown Cultural Gallery                                anything else when referring to the gallery

  • Japanese Heritage Exhibit                                 without the word Heritage, or without the word Exhibit

  • Chinatown Empowerment Center or CEC

  • succinct present-tense phrasing                       be care not to use cliches or negative phrases like "You don't want to miss it"

  • "Volunteer here" with a link to email                  extra words like "we will let you know how you can help"

  • Clear language and graphics                            repetition with different graphics or different wording for essentially the same thing

  • Facebook photos and clips!                              photos and clips without description

Link to MailChimp


Newsletter in folders


These are web-safe colors (not the actual colors in the image) from this image and am quite taken with them at the moment.


To me, any two or three of these colors work well together. For instance, using the teal and pale yellow-green (what shall we call it? Apple?) for a Taste of Chinatown would be great. Use the yellow and red for a Cinco de Mayo event. Use the black and apple for a business brochure.

Design Notes

Headings can be the green piece or the two-tone border. The red badge is always a link to somewhere.

Only this logo

Only these shapes

Chinatown: Open for Business

Open for Business Final colors2.png
Megaphone guy.png


Gold hex ffcc30   rgb 255,204,48

Red hex f04e4c    rgb 240,78,76

Navy hex 234282     rgb 35,66,130

black hex 000000    

Store shopper.png
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