Historic Buildings and Restaurants

Chinatown Historic Buildings
These buildings are on the Fresno Historic Register. The Bank of Italy building and the Azteca Theater are also on the National Historic Register. *

Buddhist Temple    1340 Kern St
Komoto’s Dept. Store & Hotel    1436-1592 Kern St
First Mexican Baptist Church    1061 E St
Azteca Theater *    838 F St
Lake Moon Company Building    914-920 F St
Industrial Bank of Fresno/Bank of Italy *    947-951 F St
Basque Hotel    1102 F St
Bing Kong Association Building    921-929 China Alley
Bow On Tong Building    935 China Alley
Fresno Fire Department No 3    1406-1434 Fresno St


Chinatown Restaurants
What a selection! Enjoy the diverse options.


Little Hong Kong     943 E St
Full Circle Brewing Co     620 F St
El Patio Club    818 F St
La Fiesta Bar    844 F St
Cuca’s Restaurant    907 F St
Kogetsu-Do Confectionary    920 F St
Ho Ho Kafe    926 F St
Chef Paul’s Café    952 F St
CRIS Meat Market    1323 Kern St
Panderia Vista Hermoza    1333 Kern St
La Elegante    1423 Kern St
Esperanza's    1521 Kern St
Central Fish Co.    1535 Kern St
La Nueva Reyna    1512 Tulare St


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