• Morgan Doizaki, Chair (Central Fish, Properties on Kern and G Streets)

  • Christina Husbands, Vice Chair (Fresno Housing Authority, Asst. Director of Real Estate Development)

  • June Stanfield, Secretary (Golden Cuts)

  • Eduardo Lopez, Treasurer (Property at Tulare and E Streets)

  • Renatta Carter-Ford (Properties on Fresno and F Streets)

  • Cami Cipolla (Director of Education, Fresno Historical Society)

  • Es Esposo (Property on Kern and F Streets)

  • Tom Freund (Property on Inyo and G Streets)

  • Ben Gitmed (Property on Kern and G Streets, Komoto's)

  • Jim Koch (Tuolumne Hall owner)

  • Lupe Perez (City of Fresno, Director of Economic Development)

  • Doug Siebert Jr (Onserf Distributing)

      Project Director Jan Minami (AMI Concepts)