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Board of Directors


June Stanfield, Chair (Golden Cuts)

Christina Husbands, Vice Chair (Fresno Housing Authority, Asst. Director of Real Estate Development)

Rio Harvell Toi, Secretary (YoshiWORLD!)

Cami Cipolla, Treasurer (Director of Education, Fresno Historical Society)

Morgan Doizaki (Central Fish, Properties on Kern and G Streets)

Es Esposo (Property on Kern and F Streets)

Tom Freund (Property on Inyo and G Streets)

Ben Gitmed (Property on Kern and G Streets, Komoto's)

Eduardo Lopez (Property at Tulare and E Streets)

Doug Seibert Jr (Onserf Distributing)

Project Director Jan Minami (AMI Concepts)

Administrator Elaine Martell

Empowerment Center Manager


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