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Chinatown Business District

The Chinatown business district is within the boundaries of the railroad tracks, Freeway 99, Fresno Street and Ventura Street - 18 blocks. While once a thriving business district throughout that area, the businesses are now primarily located along F Street, E Street and Kern Street. Many of the businesses that remain are restaurants, featuring an eclectic mix not found elsewhere in Fresno.


Chinatown property and business owners gathered to become part of the Steering Committee for the historic Transformative Climate Change (TCC). Representing Chinatown, Southwest Fresno and Downtown Fresno, the Steering Committee crafted a group of projects totaling $70 million which the City of Fresno has successfully submitted to the State of California Strategic Growth Council. These monies are intended to rejuvenate the neighborhoods surrounding the proposed high speed rail (HSR) station.

Road Closures

While property and business owners rallied for the TCC process, the impetus to form the Chinatown Fresno Partnership and Foundation,
is the road closures that are part of HSR construction. Chinatown has been blocked, currently having none of the normal routes to the business district available (Tulare, Kern, Mono). Under the best of circumstances, businesses will suffer. These are not the best of circumstances.


Friends of Chinatown

The Chinatown business district has drawn help and support through the TCC and road closure processes  We greatly appreciate these Friends of Chinatown.

  • Fresno Housing Authority - got us started with TCC Complete Streets submission and has committed to start-up funding for CFF.

  • EDC of Fresno County - is assisting with marketing efforts to combat road closures, is providing technical assistance in fund application and has committed to start-up funding for CFF.

  • Downtown Fresno Partnership and Downtown Fresno Foundation - help in several areas, and an ongoing commitment to work together

  • City of Fresno - strong support through the TCC process to create Complete Streets project

  • Central Valley Community Foundation - support through the TCC project development process


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