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Meeting Details

  • Tuesday, November 6

  • Location Central Fish (1535 Kern Street)

  • 5:30-7:00 pm

Nov 6 Community Meeting

Residential Design

Imagine Chinatown as a vibrant a mixed-use urban neighborhood with residents and thriving businesses. Sound good? Let's start by talking about residents - the ones who live here, and the ones who will move here. Residents bring safety, increase retail and restaurant sales, and improve the general ambience of a neighborhood.

CURRENT INVENTORY  Right now, we have six single family homes and two apartment/studio complexes. Over all, only 56% of potential residential units are occupied. Many are vacant SRO-style buildings. There are over a dozen of these buildings. SRO stands for Single Room Occupancy, where multiple rooms on a floor share kitchen and restrooms.

When developed, these might remain as SROs, perhaps as an artist's collective with a ground floor gallery, or as senior housing. Others might be developed into apartments. And within a couple of years, we'll have the FHA 57-unit mixed use project on the NW corner of  F and Mariposa Streets.

At our meeting, we'll have a 30 minute workshop on how to approach residential development, covering topics like walkability, and attracting and accommodating residents.

Here's the PowerPoint: Residential Design

Which will be followed by . . .

Future Chinatown.jpg
Nippon Building No 2
Empty SRO units on the corner of
F and Kern Streets

Fresno Housing Authority Design Workshop

What an exciting project this is for Chinatown. A mixed use building on the corner of Mariposa and F Streets with 57 residential units and retail on the ground floor. From to 6:00-7:00 pm, we'll be providing input on building design. How do we see Chinatown and its many cultures developing? How can this building reflect our neighborhood?

FHA Chinatown Project Sm.jpg

ARRIVE PREPARED  As you walk or drive around Chinatown, look at the buildings. What looks represent Chinatown? What would be worth emulating? How can we incorporate our cultural heritage into this design?

Dick's Onserf.jpg
Dick's Building
SRO units on Kern Street occupied with a community of young musicians and artists
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