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Make Time Business School 1.0
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Chinatown businesses - this school's for you!

Chinatown Fresno Foundation received funding to "improve small business skills, fund business expansion and foster job growth" for micro-enterprises* in Chinatown.

Following an organizational meeting, there were three workshops. The workshops offered in Spanish language translation (Linguistica Interpreting and Translation). Click the meeting date links for audio. The meetings were held:

  • March 29 - Introduction Meeting

  • April 19 - Business Planning, Social Media (Social Media Sidekicks)

  • May 24 - Budgeting & Cash Flow (Boos & Associates), Advertising (Jeffrey Scott Advertising)

  • June 21 - Hire, Fire & Train (TBD), Government Forms & Taxes (Boos & Associates)

Businesses received an INVESTMENT in their business for attending - a stipend for attending all workshops. 15 businesses were a part of this "Make Time" Business School cohort.


* Micro-enterprises are businesses with five (5) or fewer employees including owner.



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