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February XXX Community Meeting
February 12 Community Meeting
Feb Meeting Hearts.jpg

Meeting Details

  • Tuesday, February 12

  • 5:30-6:30 pm

  • 912 F Street (just off the corner of Kern and F Streets)

February Community Meeting

This meeting is a tribute to the resilience of Chinatown Fresno and its people. Since you ARE Chinatown people, join us! There will be updates on

  • Transformative Climate Communities (TCC) monies - $30 million invested in Chinatown infrastructure - Shelly McNab, City of Fresno Public Works Department

  • Protect your property from homeless intrusion - what you can do, by Deputy Chief Mike Reid, Fresno Police Department

  • Event schedule update - what could be happening, how to get involved

  • Chinatown heritage, and how are we celebrating the 11 cultures that got their start in Chinatown - gallery curator Barbara Wilson

  • Our newest economic development initiative, the Chinatown Empowerment Center

Enjoy fun, games, a drawing and refreshments!

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