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 Fresno Housing Mixed-Use Housing Project

The proposed Chinatown project will be a high density, 4-story workforce mixed-use development with approximately 4,700 s.f. of ground floor retail space. The Chinatown project will have (56) affordable workforce housing units, and (1) manager’s unit. The site consists of 0.60 acres of vacant land at 1101 F Street, Fresno, CA 93706. There will be (35) podium parking spaces located on the ground floor of the development. There will also be on-street parking available along F Street and Mariposa Street.

The site is located within one block of the proposed High Speed Rail Station. It will reduce GHG emissions by providing transit passes for residents for (5) years. The Active Street Improvements of F Street from Fresno to Ventura will improve resident access to (2) Major Transit Stops in Chinatown (Fresno & China Alley, F & Tulare). This project also includes the improvement to China Alley, which connects local businesses in the area. 


This project provides much needed affordable housing, encourages use of mass transit and pedestrian walkways, provides new retail space to stimulate economic development, and brings new residents to the Chinatown Area.

Naming Contest

Contest ends may 31


Think you can name a mixed-used housing project in Chinatown? This project  will fall under the city/downtown projects that use an @ symbol in the name. The first part of the name gives the project the main name while the 2nd part following the @ symbol gives a reference of where the project is located. Some examples of existing projects are: 541 @ South Tower and City View @ Van Ness.

Here are some suggestions already made. What's your idea?

  • Dragon Stone

  • Chinatown Castle @ Chinatown

  • 1101 @ Chinatown

  • New Life @ Chinatown

  • The Mariposa @ Chinatown

  • Xin @ Chinatown (new in Chinese)

  • Yellow Submarine

  • Mariposa @ F Street

  • Golden Butterfly Building @ Chinatown

  • Sun Valley Building @ Chinatown

  • Golden Valley Tower @ Chinatown

  • The Golden State Suites @ Chinatown

  • Rediscoverment @ Chinatown

  • The Mariposa @ Chinatown

  • Doragon @ Chinatown

  • Batafurai @ Chinatown

  • Planet Asia @ Chinatown

Submit your suggestion for the name in the message area below.




Name suggestion
for Fresno Housing project in Chinatown

Thanks for submitting!

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