As serious as this is for us, let's try to add a little humor to get us through.

Design a cone slogan!

Think of these 12 cones as construction cones that will help us talk about the construction woes ahead of us. Devise a slogan that works for one of the cones and that gets people’s attention. It can be serious or funny, but it should entertain in some way and be a positive message. It can relate to Chinatown. It can relate to your business. It can relate to Chinatown’s future.

There will be one winning slogan selected for each cone type. A winner will be selected each month for 12 months beginning in March. A grand prize winner will be selected from the Winners Circle at the end of the competition. In addition, all entrants will be eligible for periodic drawings.

To enter, submit a slogan on our website. One entry per cone per person. Once a cone has a slogan, it will no longer be available for the contest. Stay tuned to our website and Facebook page to see the cones that remain eligible.

Slogans will be used for signs in Chinatown and will be featured on our website and Facebook page. Slogans will be attributed.

Prize for each winning cone slogan:

  • Chinatown t-shirt

  • Join Winners Circle

  • Be eligible for grand prize (to be determined)