Re-NEW Chinatown Grant Awardees

The COVID-19 crisis has presented many challenges to Chinatown Fresno’s business community. To respond to this crisis, the Chinatown Fresno Foundation, in partnership with Central Valley Community Foundation, is establishing the Re-NEW Chinatown Grant Program. This program provides grants to small businesses in the Chinatown community that have had their normal operations impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The review committee awarded $1000 each to five Chinatown barbers and $715 each to seven other Chinatown businesses.

Pictured here are barbers June (Golden Cuts), John (Ofelia's), Ivan (Phase II) and Nathan (Mr G's). Below are  Felix (Felix's Auto Mechanic), Rosie (Rosie's Flower Shop), Andy and Tracy (Tulare Bistro), Abel (La Elegante) and Mercedes (Cuca's), Doug (Onserf Distribution, Gamaliel (Solis Appliance). Not yet pictured: barber Mario (Colima's)


Jan Minami, Executive Director, 559.859.1763, <>


912 F Street, Fresno CA 93706

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