Wow! What fun we all had!

See you all next spring!

And look for the Chinatown Community Picnic in October.

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Here's a recap:

  • First, our sponsor: Fresno Housing Authority. Thank you!


  • Second, all of you who attended. Thank you for your investment in rebuilding a vibrant Chinatown!  


  • Our volunteers were the best! I'd like to call out Sharon Dudley and her family (Star and Felica Rodriguez) in the food plaza along with Jackie Stogbaeur, Jason Carroll and Chad Gifford;  Michelle Perry and LaTricia Adkins in the Bing Kong building along with Lauren Zenimura;   Martha Johnson and Bianca Camara in the Gallery and "the kids" at the Temple. We can't forget Arthur Dean at the registration table and the setup/clean-up crew: Raje Stanfield-Duncan, Adam Shinkawa and especially Jackie Holmes and Elias.

  • Our board volunteers Great work, team! Special thanks to June Stanfield, Chinatown Live! chair. The board is listed below with their volunteer jobs.

  • The food was so good that several people now have new favorite restaurants. Restaurants brought staff to serve and talk about the food - didn't think you could learn that much about the making and many uses of tofu (Tofuji), did you? Also, Chef Paul's chicken wings, Central Fish's salmon, CRIS Meat Market's chimichangas, Vista Hermosa's bread. And those nacho tacos from La Elegante! Plus ice cream from Challenge Dairies. Just can't beat that selection!

  • Of course, the drinks. The new special beer from Full Circle called Chinatown Underground and four different Mexican specialties from Esperanza.

  • The buildings and gallery were such a treat. Special thanks to the owners of the Bing Kong Association building and the Mrauk Oo Dhamma Center, formerly the Buddhist Temple. Chinatown has history! Look for more opportunities to explore Chinatown history in August.

  • And to Fresno media - you're recognizing the importance of historic Chinatown as an important Fresno neighborhood - thank you!

See you all next spring!

And look for our Community Picnic in the October.

Chinatown Fresno Foundation Board of Directors

  • Morgan Doizaki, chair - Central Fish and general assistance

  • Fujie Robesky, vice chair - Tofuji and server of her tofu and muffins

  • Marc Ryder, treasurer - Temple tour guide (Union Bank)

  • Barbara Wilson, secretary - setup and general assistance including sponsorships  (property owner)

  • June Stanfield, event chair - organizer and hard worker! (Golden Cuts)

  • Renatta Carter-Ford - food plaza (property owner)

  • Alex Cervantes - CRIS Meat Market and Vista Hermosa (property owner)

  • Michael Duarte - sponsor and best reservation seller! (Fresno Housing Authority)

  • Will Oliver - registration table (Fresno County EDC)

  • Lupe Perez - food plaza (City of Fresno)

  • Enrique Reade - Temple tour guide (Reade and Sons Funeral Directors)

  • Doug Siebert Jr - setup and cleanup (Onserf Distributors)


Chinatown Fresno Foundation Staff

  • Jan Minami, Executive Director

  • Elaine Martell, Administrator - and event specialist!