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2nd Annual Community Picnic

And we did have fun!

  • Just the right music from Player-Player

  • Fantastic bakery goods (cookies and rolls) by Vista Hermosa (Chinatown merchant)

  • Excellent selection of drinks from Esperanza Cafe (Chinatown merchant)

  • Our #ChinatownMatters t-shirts by Onserf (Chinatown merchant)

Thank yous to all the people who made this a successful event.

  • Sponsors

    • Fresno Fire Dept (especially Robert Castillo, and Mark and Anthony from Fire Station #3)

    • Central Fish and Morgan Doizaki

    • Fresno Housing Authority (Preston Prince, Michael Duarte and Fidel Contreras)

  • Volunteers  Chad Gifford, Alice Gomez, Jackie Stogbauer and Linda Garcia, along with board members June Stanfield (event chair), Morgan Doizaki, Mitch Pomeroy's crew, Fujie Robesky, Barbara Wilson, Doug Seibert Jr, Michael Duarte, Mark Ryder and Will Oliver

  • Vendors  U. S. Census, Fresno Housing Authority, City of Fresno Recycling, City of Fresno Water Conservation

  • Speakers  Councilmember Miguel Arias, District 3 and Congressman Jim Costa, California District 16.

  • Everyone to attended! Thank you all.

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